Next Steps in my Propel Project

As you well know my project is to create my own EP. Each song having its own style and genre, but still tied together by one or more components of the song. Recently, things have been going smoothly. Although, a few small things have changed: I’ve decided I will be making 3 songs and I am still debating if I should trade my hard rock song out for an alternative song, preferably go for a more summer vibe. Other than that, there have been no further changes to what I’m working on. It’s all about starting my recording now.

Starting my project will be difficult. That’s why the teachers and I have designed a work plan with milestones planned out carefully and strategically placed to make sure I follow through with this project thoroughly. My first being research, researching different techniques to master fully on GarageBand, the tool I’m using for recording and mastering my music. Then song-writing, although I know what my songs are there are still things I want to tweak about them until they are ready to their fullest. From there on I will be working on each song individually. I’ll take about 10 days for each song to be ready to close to their full potential. Of course, once every song is mastered to the best of my ability is when I will be making accounts on different social media accounts to upload that music to such accounts. But, that won’t be for a long time from now.

Now, over the next week and a little bit, I will be extensively researching different music techniques to improve my capabilities when it comes to making sure my music is in prestige condition. After the research has been done is when I will take another small break to be writing and just finishing up the songs rough drafts.

That is where I stand as of right now, decisions are constantly being changed but things are slowly warming up and I can’t tell that very soon my plan for what will be going on will be set in stone officially and I will have been done my project before I know it. I am looking forward for the stress to come. Thank you for tuning in!



My Schedule in Propel

The timeline you see below can also be known as a schedule, this has been laid out strategically so that I can get everything done more easily and more efficient.  As you can see research was what I was first working on and have now passed, it was then song writing and then I’m to begin my recording of the actual songs. As of right now I should be in to my first song, but I still need to touch up on a few lyrics of the songs I have made. After finishing song number #1 I move on to 2 and 3. Once all songs are done to the best of their ability is when I will begin making accounts and publishing and uploading my music on to those accounts.

timeline thingy (2)

As of right now I am a fair bit behind. As I mentioned before, I still need to create the rest of the lyrics for my music. Because of this it will have a greater affect on my project then I think I realize. I have 11 days to make each song sound the best, I have wasted 3 of those days because of other school projects I have had to be working on. The time will be made up and no matter what I will have each song done.

As of today, I need to finish my songs or on the weekend. The coming weeks will be filled with staying in the studio and working hard on all the techniques I have learnt throughout my research about mastering music. My next blog won’t be for a while, the next time you hear from me ill be done my entire project. Take care!

project update – my album

Propel, a program that helps high school students from grade 11-12 like me to achieve large goals they have always wanted to achieve, or have never known they’ve wanted to achieve. For me this is something I’ve been wanting to do for an extremely long time, that would be making an album. my original plan was so make of an album of 13 or more songs, when I realized that was unrealistic, I changed it to an 8-9 song album, making sure they were all masterfully recorded/produced to the best of my ability. Now after a couple meetings and talks with teachers, the newest plan is to make an E.P. of 3-5 songs. As far as what I want for the songs, I want each song to have its own unique sound, and genre. Let me show you what I mean.

The 1st song will be a slow song, more simplistic, something to listen to when you need to calm down. 2nd will be an upbeat fast paced funk song, something to dance to, to be excited when listening to it, or if you’re in a good mood. 3rd song I want, will be a hardcore rock song. A song for those who have wristbands with spikes on them, and have hair down to their waste while it flails around everywhere in their parent’s basement. You could probably punch a whole in the wall, that’s how intense I want it. If I end up doing more, the 4th song will most likely end up being a trap or hip-hop rap song. That or a synthetic sounding rhythmic experimental song. And if I really have more time I’d like to make an alternative rock song for my 5th song, the kind of music that I really enjoy listening to. Even though I’m not entirely sure how to make one, I think it be interesting making one considering its not my style.

My first task in making my E.P. is to listen to others music, people I admire and things I’d like to take away from them, let them inspire me. After that it consists of a few more steps. Such would be:

  1. Choose out of the songs I’ve made to put in to my album.
  2. Have an outline of all the songs.
  3. Estimate a time I should be finished completely.
  4. From there its a long period of working on recording and mastering songs.
  5. When I think I’m finished.
  6. Grab feedback from friends.
  7. After I’ve taken in feedback and changed what I’ve needed to change.
  8. Then upload to SoundCloud (or any music apps I find).
  9. Work on media placement (getting it out there and making it known all over social media and spreading the word).
  10. And if there is any extra time I plan on making a small 30 second video clip for one of my songs, or maybe a 30 second clip with 10 seconds from each song.

That is my plan on what I expect to be doing for the next little while here in Propel! I’ll be doing a lot of work on all those things. Stay tuned and I’ll keep you updated, hope you enjoyed.

Journey Through Propel

Propel is a schooling program in the Louis Riel school division where teenagers in grade 11 and 12 can explore their passion in what they want to pursue, even if that thing may seem out of reach from their perspective. Propel helps make that counts as an English credit, gym credit, and they’ll find you a credit for whatever special project you may decide on. You can count on the teachers to give you the feedback you may need to improve your skills in many areas. It’s the perfect place where when you have free time you want to be productive.

My project is to record my album and perfect it, composed all by me. With the tools I have that were given to me through propel, which would be: a recording studio set with mics, piano, guitar, and the right music app to use for recording and mastering the music. It makes me happy knowing that the teachers will be helping me through this long process and make sure I get the knowledge needed for doing these things on my own. People should reach out and be more experimental with their work, making new things and not caring so much about the money and fame, but instead the heart of music. which I know Mr. H and Mr. P care about which makes me joyed and more comfortable being here at Propel.

Another large hope of mine when creating this album is to appeal to everyone and make sure they get the same feeling when listening to my music, when I listen to music. Static, energetic, hyped up,  All of those things and I know the teachers will do a great job helping me with that, they’re so helpful in the way they teach. They want you to succeed.